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Introverted but love creating joy: Serve clients not with mouth but WITH HEART - Peter Chiu

Jasmine C Chan

22 Aug 2023

You can always see a group of colleague who are laughing and surrounding him.

There's an endless stream of laughter, all because of Peter, who serves as a senior wealth management advisor as well as the pistachio of the company, adding a little conviviality to the busy working atmosphere.

In the eyes of others, he is an easy-going and enthusiastic entertainer, so how does the real Peter see himself?

In fact, I am very introverted and often need lots of Me time to restore my energy, but luckily I like to bring joy to others.


Graduated from the City University of Hong Kong's translation, Peter wanted to work as a novel translator, film and television translator and court interpreter, but he was often rejected due to lack of experience. He then turned himself into management trainee. Sadly, the stressful life and overwhelming workload caused him to suffer from insomnia.

Although insomnia is common, its impact on health should never be underestimated. As the insomnia deteriorated day by day, Peter decided to take a short break and think about his whereabouts while recuperating.

Coincidently, the childhood sweetheart of Peter - Alice became the lighthouse at the sea, bringing him a new dawn. At that time, Alice, who was a consultant of Frontier, introduced IFA to Peter. With endless encouragements from Alice, Peter decided to join Frontier and fight side by side with his friend.


As a consultant, meeting clients is inevitable. However, talking to strangers can be dreadful to an introvert. Peter, who was new to the industry, had once felt overwhelmed by this. But through reading and under the dual-consultant system of Frontier, Peter worked hard to practice and improve, and finally he overcame his shortcoming of poor speaking skill.

Ability can be cultivated, all you need are lots of trainings and courage.

To sell a product, you need to learn how to sell yourself first. No wonder Peter's role models are Alice and Kelvin. These mentors are the ones who have the courage to break through themselves, setting a good example for Peter and motivating him to be a better consultant.

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