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Embarking on the road of financial consulting from film industry - Cassie Tong

Jasmine C Chan

18 Aug 2023

There's always a familiar name on the screen in every award event - Cassie Tong. Whenever the name is called, she can always marches onto the stage calmly, receives the trophy with pride, and altruistically shares her winning journey with confidence.

It's no wonder to think that with such an excellent career performance, Cassie must be sailing smoothly along her way, right? But unexpectedly, she started her part-time career at the age of 16. Before getting her bachelor degree from HKBU's film department, she had already experienced more than 10 different jobs!

Neither the so-called "success hinges on father's deed" nor a BBA graduate, why did Cassie choose to embark on the road of financial consultant? What's the secret behind her outstanding performance in such a competitive industry?


It is logical to engage in film industry or related work as a film graduate but Cassie chose to break through the box and do what she thinks is more meaningful.

Cassie bluntly explained that each movie presents its own mysteries, but most audiences may not spend the time to understand the meaning behind it. Working as a financial advisor gives her a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfilment compared to filming.

I want to leave my footprints in every single hurdle of my clients.


Cassie told us that success has no fixed formula, as different methods can achieve the goal, but success is conditional. The world is not perfect, many people realise the problems but are unwilling to face and solve them.

She believes that the primary condition for success is to adjust your mood and have the courage to face every challenge, whether it's positive or negative one. You have to find a way to overcome it. It can be seen that in order to win a game, self-reflection and encouragement are also indispensable.

Try not to count the gains and loses can lead to greater rewards.

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