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Frontier Financial Advisory Services Limited ("Frontier" or "the Company") is a licensed insurance brokerage company registered with the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong (license number: FB1605) and a company intermediary registered with the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (registration number: IC000921).

Frontier takes responsibility for all of our clients, taking pride in delivering outstanding services that satisfy their needs and offering tailor-made proposals which we believe can deliver a positive impact. We facilitate the prompt actioning of all valid claims, using our specialist’s industrial knowledge and expert partners to get the very best help to clients.

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We listen and plan strategically, either over the phone or through face to face meetings, to fully understand an individual or business’s requirements in order to obtain an optimal balance between the correct coverage level and a competitive premium, removing all potential barriers and obstacles ahead when executing more complex insurance proposals.

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All of our staff receive regular training and have acquired deep knowledge and qualifications, whether for counselling you on insurance coverage and budget estimation or solving those unpredictable claims when they occur. The result of this persistent and trustable expertise give us great pride in offering individual service to large international enterprises.

Our success in satisfying your needs and expectations by delivering tailor-made, high-standard services at competitive prices is paramount.



Strong cooperating relationships with our insurance partners matters to us. We have built extensive and long-lasting relationships with a wide range of prestigious and multi-national insurers which allows us to source the most appropriate and full suite of services to serve the diverse needs of our clients.


By combining the power of Frontier’s expert team and adding our people’s passion; we deliver world-class expertise with a personal touch on your doorstep.



We protect our customers interest and privacy in order to ensure the most cost-effective quality-aligned prices. Our advisors and managers take away the stressful burden of searching the market and handling claims ensure that the highest levels of transparency and security services are delivered.



We create and emphasize an inclusive, open and supportive working environment where every member is respected, accredited professionally and able to grow their full potential. We provide training and leadership programs to help one another achieve their best. We’re forward-thinking and learn as we go. We encourage bold thinking and never stop improving.


Mon - Fri: 09:00am - 06:00pm
Sat - Sun: Closed

Room 903-906, Exchange Tower, no. 33 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hotline: 852 3168 4805

Fax: 852 3168 4809

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